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The DofE award is open to participants between the ages of 14 and 24, you must complete all levels before your 25th birthday.  SHOAC is a "not-for-profit "voluntary group offering DofE registration, programme support and expedition training for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  We are regulated by the Surrey County Council Operating Authority and offer an alternative, independent, participation process to schools and other clubs/registered organisations in the borough of Surrey Heath.

A message for new participants:  The minimum age for registering at each level is:

  • Bronze - 14
  • Silver - 15
  • Gold - 16

You are welcome to register as an individual or with a group of friends.  Once registered you will receive a DofE welcome pack and details of access to the online system eDofE.  Your progress will be managed and monitored through eDofE so you will need access to a computer connected to the Internet as well as an active email account.  We will support you through all levels but if you need to relocate or join a new DofE centre after registration then your account can be transferred without losing any information.  If you do not keep your account regularly updated it will be suspended and you will then need to notify us for it to be re-activated.

In some circumstances it is possible to count up to three months activity that you are already undertaking towards one section of the award.  This must have been done in accordance with DofE programme principles, conditions and age requirements.  Please let us know if you wish to consider this when you apply.  Details of the DofE requirements can be found here.

Upon finishing each level of the award you will be presented with a badge and certificate at a local award ceremony with other DofE groups, normally held in the Autumn of the year you complete your level.  When you achieve your Gold level you will be invited to a Gold Award Presentation at St James's Palace to celebrate your success with others reaching their Gold.

A message for parents and participants 18 and over:  The basic registration cost within Surrey for DofE Bronze and Silver is £33.50 and Gold is £40 (Surrey County Council charge which we administer on their behalf).  Each section of the award will have it's own costs (depending upon participant's choice of activity) and these are paid in arrangement with the chosen organisation.  Within SHOAC we only offer the expedition section, for which there is a cost (see Information Sheet for Parents below).  As an alternative the expedition section can be done through an Approved Activity Provider (list here). Unfortunately we cannot recommend any AAP and can only advise on the options available through SHOAC.

If you wish to enrol for DofE please download the following files, complete and return (email) an electronic copy (scan) of the forms and return an original signed copy of the IDCiS registration form to the Unit Leader.  Please use the Unit Leader email contact link below and we will respond with the return postal address information and details of how to pay by bank transfer.  You will not be covered do to any DofE activity with us without returning both completed forms and payment.  An eDofE account will be created once the Surrey County Council form has been processed.

  • Surrey County Council DofE Registration Form - Please complete this form and retain a copy for yourself.  Use SHOAC as the name of the DofE Centre and enter the name of the Centre Leader (current centre leader name shown below).  Take time and ensure all sections/boxes/etc. are complete otherwise we cannot accept the form until this is done.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT CHEQUE PAYMENT (as suggested on the form). Payment can be made by bank transfer (see Information Sheet for Parents below).
  • IDCiS Registration Form - Please complete all sections and enter N/A where not applicable. Please ensure that all agreements are marked appropriately where there is an option presented to delete.
  • Surrey County Council DofE Guide for Parents and Carers - Please read this important information as we assume that you have by the declaration you make on the Surrey County Council DofE Registration Form.

Currently we are unable to arrange local meetings but we hope to rectify this situation as soon as possible. Until then all correspondence will be done through email.  We apologise for this inconvenience but it doesn't stop the participants registering and completing their award.

We realise that some families may struggle with affording certain costs.  We are here to help wherever possible, to ensure all participants within Surrey Heath have an opportunity to do their DofE Award.  If you are in genuine need of financial support and wish to make enquiries then please contact the SHOAC DofE Co-ordinator.  Matters of this nature are dealt with in strict confidence.

Participant and parent further information: Please read this important information.

We currently have the following number of registered participants at each level:

Bronze - 19
Silver    - 6
Gold     - 7


Our 2015/2016 schedule of Expedition section training/expeditions for registered participants is:


Training days - camp skills / 1st Aid / etc                        27 Feb / 28 Feb
Training days - navigation                                                   19 March / 20 March


To participate on the expeditions you must have attended both of the training weekends (either the Saturday or Sunday of each weekend).  Please let me know which dates you can attend.  Training will most likely be at Henley Fort in Guildford.  You will need to bring food along to cook on trangias (part of training).

Practice Expedition

Practice Weekend                                                                     23 and 24 April

must attend (camping overnight)

Assessed Expedition

Assess Weekend                                                                      9/10 July

must attend (camping overnight)


Please check your eDofE accounts regularly for other messages and training resource information.


Useful web-links and downloads


DofE Co-Ordinator / Centre Leader: Ian Loy - Please email for further information.